Requirements & Hints.

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Requirements & Hints.

Post by Jules on Tue Oct 26, 2010 6:34 pm

Legendary hunters who crafted the Ocean Navigation Kit will land up here at the Cape, where you will find several different trap setups necessary, as mice from the Nerg, Elub and Derr tribes are all visitors here. The old aged mice from the three tribes reside here, but you will not find them unless you have discovered the secrets of crafting the cheese that each prefers......

Hunters will find a Cheese Shoppe, General Store and Trapsmith here, each of which sells items that will greatly benefit progress through these Isles! Ensure you have plenty of cheese and craft items before moving on, as these are the only shops on the Isles.

Also hunters, be prepared for a lengthy stay in the Tribal region, you have much to learn!

Keeping the Wiki handy may not be such a bad option.......

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